In an old, magnificent bank located in the growing SALT Galata in Karaköy, Istanbul, you will find the restaurant on my lips – Neolokal. Located on the second floor with panoramic windows, the restaurant overlooks the city and the river.

During my stay in Istanbul I went here twice. First, my company and I had a 14-course taste menu. It was so good we went here again, now for lunch.

A friend of mine stands behind the restaurant’s branding, and so I got the chance to meet Maksut Aksar, one of the great minds behind this restaurant. His idea is to show there is more than just kebabs in Turkey. After the 14-course meal and my lunch salad of smoked sea bass and a glass of cold lemonade with lemons and basil, I’m convinced. If ever in Istanbul, go here.

 by Caroline Johansson


Destinations: Istanbul, Turkey

Escapes: City, City Break, Food