the line hotel

So I went to LA for the first time this February. The mission was work and I only stayed for four days, but then again, I left a Stockholm covered with heavy clouds. Four days in warmer weather was fine with me.

And so was the hotel. The Line Hotel, located in Koreatown, is a boutique hotel as hip as the Standard in NYC. Big panoramic windows, a pool I wished I had time to swim in every morning and a DJ-set in the bar.

The Commissary is their breakfast lounge and my tip is to steer away from the buckwheat porridge covered with syrup, and go for the scrambled eggs with salmon instead. Or anything vegetables and fruit. I mean –  it’s LA!

My question, though, is if anyone knows a pill for jet lag. I was up 3 AM every morning.


by Caroline Johansson

Destinations: Los Angeles, USA

Escapes: Food, Hotel