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Maria finds a $1 pizza slice to be a lifesaver when having more hunger than time, but she loves her Williamsburg, NYC, where she also has discovered what has become some of her favorite restaurants. Here she shares some of her favorites:

Marlow and sons is a cozy place for both brunch and dinner. New American food. Always crowded. You can also have a fika (a cup of coffee and perhaps something to eat in Swedish) in the front part of the restaurant where they also have a boutique. Sometimes we go there for breakfast.

What I think used to be a mc-club is now a romantic restaurant called Café Moto. It’s located close to the subways and the atmosphere is very industrial and urban. The food is so good and live bands playing jazz every night makes the atmosphere very romantic.

Xixa’s cuisine is Mexican food with a modern take, where every choice of flavor is interesting and not always obvious. We constantly end up discussing what it reminds us of, and what sort of ingredients are really in the food. They also specialize in Tequila, like freshly pressed juice tomatillo with tequila, or a good Margarita. The interior is very industrial in a Williamsburg kind of way.

Rabbithole is a rustic place that’s best suited for breakfast or brunch. I mainly go here for the latter and I never miss out on ordering their pancakes.

Lighthouse has a simplistic interior that is still warm and homely. The food is also very straightforward but amazing, with dishes that often come from the grill. It’s not always what we think of as bbq, and the ingredients can be beans and melons to name a few.

(Cover photo of Lighthouse this story  by wwwordofmouth)

by Catharina Holm

Destinations: New York City, USA

Escapes: City, Food